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Mark Walsh has been there and done that and continues to do it at the highest level. He is widely billed by his international peers as one of the Automotive Industry's elite Sales Trainers and Motivators.

Mark started his career in the car business as a "rookie" Salesperson. He quickly became the #1 Salesperson for his Dealership and then rose to the position of #1 Salesperson nationally. His personal best result was 51 retail sales. He was then promoted to Sales Management eventually becoming part of Australia's largest Ford Dealership's Management team in Sydney. (City Ford’s Annual Volume was in excess of 10,000 units).

Considered to be the most widely traveled automotive trainer in History, his vast experience has been sought and engaged by the roll call of the WHO's WHO of the Automotive Industry.

A frequent Industry speaker, Mr. Walsh has addressed over 800 Manufacturer Meetings, Industry Associations and 'Twenty Groups' Globally.

Mark was the first international speaker ever afforded the honor of being invited to present a workshop at the prestigious National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Annual Convention. His expertise has been sought by the NADA to present at multiple Annual Conventions. Mark has also been a featured keynote speaker at the US Digital Dealer Conference.