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12 Month In-Dealership Sales Development Masterplan®

Phase 1. Dealership Needs Analysis (DNA)

Phase 2. Creation of Customised Dealership Playbook

Phase 3. Sales Management Education

Phase 4. Coach the Coach & Train the Trainer

Phase 5. Sales Consultant Training

Phase 6. Ongoing Quarterly Trainer, Sales Manager, and Sales Consultant Remedial / Refocus Sessions

Phase 7. 141 Tele-Coaching®

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Two Day "Effective Selling and Closing Skills" Master Class®

This program is designed to educate participants in and convince them of the distinct productivity benefits of becoming brilliant at the basics of automotive sales

The concept for and all materials used in the Mark Walsh International Sales Training Curriculum have been designed to create a pleasant purchasing experience for the consumer.

The curriculum focuses on specific areas designed to reduce your Sales Consultants dependency on the Best Price crutch and increase their effectiveness in handling inherently difficult areas of the sales process.

    Here's what participants will learn...
  • Attitude. The vital importance of maintaining a positive attitude everyday!
  • What's really happening in Today's market and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Learn to ask the right questions during the investigation and what questions not to ask.
  • How to give a value building feature, advantage and benefit presentation and demonstration.
  • When and how to set up a negotiation.
  • Learn to handle objections effectively.
  • How to close the sale and retain gross.

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Two Day "Master Automotive Management" Master Class®

This program is designed to coach participants in relevant best practices of automotive sales management.

The Master Automotive Management Master Class is a wake up call for any Manager who is asleep at the wheel.

It gives a no nonsense step by step action plan to do one thing and one thing only Master Automotive Management!

First we make our managers, then our managers make OR break us!

    Here's what you will learn
  • The Facts. What's really happening in Today's Market The Potential, The Buyers and The Real Opportunity
  • Ten keys to creating a performance culture When you set the bar high, the winners will love it and the losers will leave it.
    Either way, the Dealership wins.
  • How to take inventory of your current team Train, Transfer or Terminate.
  • Learn the basics of setting up an effective hiring process. Hire the best and forget the rest.
  • A sure-fire, step-by-step action plan for reducing advertising costs and raising volume and gross.
  • Develop a M.A.P (Minimum Acceptable Performance) Sales Process.
  • Manage the activity to guarantee the result!
  • How to develop accountability to stop the excuses and start the results.
  • How to design a productive pay plan and eliminate bonuses that backfire.

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How to Master the Telephone & Close the Sale

We live in the information era, however the incoming telephone sales inquiry is the most poorly handled opportunity to do business in our industry.

Statistics prove that the telephone (not the internet) is still the preferred way to shop. In fact, in most instances as many opportunities to do business arrive via the telephone as walk in every day.

A significant number of vehicle sales are made or lost each day based on how incoming sales calls are handled.

The sales consultant who approaches the telephone opportunity to do business with an effective game plan will have a definite and distinct advantage over the competition!

    Here's what you will learn:
  • How to use the phone to outsell your competition.
  • Determine and define what's stopping you from getting to the next level.
  • Understand how to leverage Today's Market to your advantage.
  • Ask the right questions to get the right answers.
  • How to use the telephone to help you close the sale.
  • Age old questions and modern day answers on handling objections & closing the sale.
  • How to handle the tough objections.
  • How to use follow up to close the sale.

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Hire the Best and Forget the Rest

The best time to fire a person is before you hire them! So why then are so many of the wrong people hired by otherwise intelligent and effective Managers?

Contact us now to learn more!

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