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What is a Sales Process? (pdf)
Most Dealerships have a "system" of how to lead a Buyer from an initial contact right through the sales process. If you don't have... More  »

The Silver Bullet (pdf)
I would love to have a dollar for every time a salesperson has asked me "What's the best close?". Alas, my answer always seems to be a source... More  »

How To Develop Accountability (pdf)
Understand that the greatest challenge to bringing about change is the entrenched culture in your Sales Department. These are the patterns of behaviours that have been accepted ... More  »

How to Outsell Your Competition (pdf)
Who is your competition? Is it the Dealership up the road, down the road or across the road? No, in fact it's none of the above. It's the salesperson in those stores ... More  »

How to Master the Telephone & Close the Sale (pdf)
Today's consumer is more sophisticated in the manner in which they gather information prior to purchasing a vehicle, better educated ... More  »

The Feel of the Wheel Seals the Deal! (pdf)
I vividly recall receiving a telephone call from an elated promoter. He was overjoyed at the fact that we had received sum seven hundred and fourteen enrollments for my upcoming ... More  »

The 'Born' Salesperson (pdf)
I'm sure you've heard it said or maybe even used the phrase yourself - He or she is a 'born' salesperson. Pinch yourself, did the ... More  »

Time (pdf)
Imagine there is a bank that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day... More  »

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make in Trying to Close The Sale. (pdf)
One of the key fundamentals of selling is before you can "close" a sale you must open it ... More  »

Super Sales Manager (pdf)
Where do super sales managers come from? Most come from the ranks of successful salespeople. However that doesn't necessarily or automatically make them successful managers... More  »

Six Steps to Re-write the Record Books in 2018 (pdf)
Is your forecast for a bumper crop in 2018? I suggest you take a close look at the seeds you are about to sow... More  »

The Sales Manager Every Salesperson Hates (pdf)
A guide on what not to do ... More  »

Questions & Answers with Mark (pdf)
Mark was the first international speaker ever afforded the honor of being invited to present a workshop at the prestigious National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Annual Convention ... More  »

Sales Floor - Basic Training (pdf)
Every dealership trains its salespeople, but some stores get better results than others. The difference is in having a comprehensive strategy ... More  »

Mark Walsh International Executive Director To Speak At 2007 Nada Convention (pdf)
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (1 December, 2006) - Mark Walsh International, the leader in global automotive sales education and coaching, is pleased to announce that Executive Director Mark A. Walsh will present at the 90th annual NADA Convention. Under the theme of "Voice of the Dealer... Taking on the Future,"... More  »

Marching Orders (pdf)
Recently I have received a plethora of phone calls, a litany of letters and an avalanche of emails enquiring what constitutes an effective job description for a sales consultant... More  »

Hire the Best And Forget the Rest (pdf)
The time you invest in preparing for an interview will be far less than the time required to rehabilitate or replace the wrong candidate if you make a bad decision. Creating and sticking to predetermined interview questions will help you avoid the ... More  »

Changing of the Guard (pdf)
I had occasion recently to address a group of successful Dealers at a black tie function. Throughout the evening I socialized with a number of individuals in the group. One rather well-to-do Dealer was ranting and raving about the state of today's market and how 'tough' it was out there. Granted it is tough ... More  »