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"...Mark Walsh brings a global perspective, his approach challenges the management team to set a new standard..."

"...We were able to break the four minute barrier... delivering 1,011 new and pre-owned Mercedes-Benz..."

"...I highly endorse Mark Walsh and thank him for his huge contribution to our 8,513 sales last year."

Garth Blumenthal, General Manager  |  Fletcher Jones Motorcars  |  Newport Beach, California, USA

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"...After more than two years as business partners I am so impressed with your services that I felt compelled to tell the world just how good Mark Walsh International is."

"...Your training with us has enabled my staff and I to reach untold heights over the past years."

"...2013 Australian Mazda dealer all time new sales record 3501
2014 Australian Mazda dealer all time new sales record 4014
September 2014 Australian Mazda Dealer single month new vehicle sales record 505
January 2015 Australian Mazda Dealer single month new vehicle sales record 601.."

Jamie McKnight, Group General Manager  |  West End Mazda  |  Parramatta, Australia

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"...The BEST - and only training organization to actually change salesperson and sales manager behavior and deliver sustainable results - is Mark Walsh..."

"...The best training value on the planet. I highly recommend it."

Steve Smythe, Dealer Principal  |  Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills  |  Beverly Hills, California, USA

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"... I can only describe what I experienced as outstanding, not to mention inspiring..."

"... Your pride and passion clearly stands out and I love the simplicity you use to drive the message home..."

"... Mark you brought the electricity and spark back over those two days. I never felt so good..."

"... I have sent all of the sales consultants that work with me on your seminars whilst you have been here in the UK, each one came back with the same energy and enthusiasm I did... please accept my genuine, personal and greatest thanks."

Mike Cosgriff, General Sales Manager  |  Grasmere Macclesfeild GM  |  Cheshire, England

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"... We have seen some great results since partnering with Mark Walsh, and the feedback from our sales staff is to be commended, best training I have been to, it was relative to the market and Mark brings real industry experience."

"...The training is dynamic, engaging and relevant. The training is structured and targeted towards today's buyer, yet with simple and effective techniques combined with a common sense approach. From our senior sales staff to our non-experienced sales personnel, all have gained valuable insights from the training that is easy to comprehend."

Meon Nehrybecki, Dealer Principal  |  Mercedes-Benz Parramatta  |  Parramatta, Australia

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"... Never have I attended a better sales training class... What really allows your training to rise above the mainstream is the "holistic" approach to customer friendly selling delivered in an "everyman's" style."

Dennis Chriss, Director of Organizational Development  |  Flow Automotive Companies  |  North Carolina, USA

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"I witnessed an immediate improvement in Mickie's attitude after attending your siminar. Since September, his turn-around in performance has doubled..."

Vaughan M. Urquhart, Sales Manager  |  Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.  |  North Vancouver, B.C.

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"... All the points that I learned on how to handle the trade, price point and closing procedures have really helped me..."

"...My average income has more than doubled... and now I'm having fun selling cars..."

Mickie Reslat Sales/Leasing Consultant  |  Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.  |  North Vancouver, B.C.

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"... We needed to ensure that the training we were giving to our team was the best... for this we turned to you Mark and you have not let us down... with your help this team is only getting better."

Simon McCarroll, General Manager  |  Lexus of Chatswood  |  Sydney, Australia NSW

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"...You have demonstrated your ability to listen to our needs and to submerge yourself in issues central to the strategic development of the retail network."

Dr. Christine Maingard, General Manager  |  The Holden College  |  Australia

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"... Not many trainers were willing to flex... to fit the wants and needs of our organization. With you it never seemed to be an obstacle... your sales training continues to have a positive impact..."

Mike Aus, President  |  Rydell Management Group  |  Souix Falls, South Dakota, USA

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"... Your insights into improving sales and profits... provided our members with information vital to their businesses. I have received a number of requests for transcripts..."

Kate Lally, Field Manager  |  American International Automobile Dealers Association  |   Alexandria,Virginia

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"... We are delighted to tell you we reached our dream... the No. 1 spot in Australia... I thank you... it is indeed rare in the area of training that anybody has met with our expectations, let alone surpassed them."

McGrath Liverpool  |  Sydney, Australia NSW

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"... I have been selling motor vehicles for 15 years, my parents are owners of a dealership... I must say that I have never taken away from any course as much useful information and selling techniques as Mark Walsh International has given me..."

"...It's simply amazing and my results prove it... my personal sales volume has increased by around 35% a month... not only has my volume increased, but so has the gross profit of my sales..."

Justin Sotiroff  |  Geraldton Toyota  |  Geraldton, Western Australia

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"... Let me say how refreshing it is to now be home from a training course and still have the energy, info, enthusiasm and determination racing through my veins and pulsating in my brain..."

"... I have to hold my hands to the heavens and bow my head to the way in which you delivered the course and held us all in a Mark Walsh trance..."

"... You have stirred up those things in us all that maybe needed to be shaken and re-awakened..."

"... I have firmly swallowed the Mark Walsh pill and quite liked it so now I am thinking of an overdose!..."

Simon Rea, Sales Manager  |  Seward Branksome Chevrolet  |  Branksome, England

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"...I was particularly impressed with the height number of workshop evaluations that were not only excellent, but called for a longer session. Coming from retail salespeople, this is the highest compliment they can give!"

Byrne M. Owens, Western Regional Sales Manager  |  Hyundai Motor America

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"... Mark Walsh's training has had a direct effect on our ability to retain quality sales staff... I would highly recommend his training system to anybody who wants to take their sales team to the next level."

Tom Burgess, Global Trainer  |  Apple Auto Group  |  Minneapolis, Minnesota

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"Thank you to the team at Mark Walsh International... as a result of the planning, strategies and sales skills, Lexus of Brighton was pleased to announce a record weekend..."

Daniel McKenzie, General Manager  |  Lexus of Brighton  |  Melbourne, Victoria Australia

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"... Mark is wonderful... I will be leaking his name to all my dealer principal friends. What a secret weapon."

Joe Fasanella, General Sales Manager  |  Mercedes-Benz of Chicago  |  Chicago, Illinois, USA

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