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"Mark, Firstly let me say how refreshing it is to now be home from a training course and still have the energy,info,enthusiasm and determination raceing through my veins and pulsating in my brain.

I had my worst night sleep last night for many a year, and the reason for that, my excitment at passing on as much information as I could to my eagerly awaited troops. All I could see was ME the lion with the food and my staff ,the hungry pack, waiting to be fed!

I have to say that it is rare for me as a bit of an adrenalin junkie to sit still and soak up information but I have to hold my hands to the heavens and bow my head to the way in which you deliverd the course and held us all in a Mark Walsh trance.

I also think that you would be the first to say that it is not your intention to brain wash us, and I agree, but you have stirred up those things in us all that maybe needed to be shaken and re-awakened.

My sales team already have a firm 1-4-1 ethic and have used "if there was just one thing" so you can see I have firmly swallowed the Mark Walsh pill and quite liked it so now I am thinking of an over dose!

As you pointed out it's simple easy steps which will get us there so thats where I have started, so for now I will say farewell and hope your next course gets as much from you as I did, Oh and thanks for making that short trip over to this promised land"

Simon Rea, Sales Manager
Seward Branksome Chevrolet
Branksome, England