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Customised Dealership Playbook

Mark Walsh International conducts a Dealership Needs Analysis (DNA) on-site, and works with your Managers to establish real and perceived strengths, weaknesses and accurately take the temperature of current respective sales processes.

With the DNA information a sales process can begin to be designed and developed to accommodate both consumer concerns and Dealership demands.

All management involved in the Sales Departments participate to create a uniform common documented Sales Process tailored to the stores unique requirements.

Once we have established and collectively agreed what the process will be, how it is to be implemented, and who will be responsible for the elements of the execution, Mark Walsh International then proceeds to develop the Playbook with corresponding best practice procedures and techniques.

The development of a relevant and effective Sales Process and Playbook will provide the Sales Management team with a vital tool for coaching and developing accountability.

    The Playbook includes:
  • Precise and direct job functions
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly activity checklists
  • Definitive steps in the Sales Process
  • The purpose and objective of each step in the process
  • Precisely how to execute each step of the process

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Train the Trainer Kit

Here's the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Employing Mark's Becoming Brilliant at the Basics philosophy, Mark Walsh International has developed an Automotive specific complete in-Dealership Train the Trainer kit.

This comprehensive automotive industry specific kit contains every essential tip, tool and technique you need to deliver the most productive Sales Training sessions your Dealership has ever seen.

The "Train the Trainer" kit includes a complete twenty-six week ready to deliver set of training classes.

Each class is fully developed to be presented as it is and includes participants guides, leaders guide and subjective test designed to measure learning uptake. All in one simple, easy and basic industry specific kit.

    The Kit Includes:
  • What NOT training your sales force is really costing you and your Dealership.
  • The practical considerations of training.
  • How to make training credible.
  • Understanding the training process.
  • How to assess your Sales Consultants training needs.
  • How to plan an effective training session.
  • How to prepare an effective training session.
  • How to deliver and facilitate an effective training session.
  • How to develop accountability in your Sales force.
  • What to do when training isn't working.
  • twenty-six week ready to deliver set of training classes.

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141 Tele-Coaching®

Mark Walsh International, global leader in Automotive Sales Management Education, Sales Consultant Training and Consultancy now offers Dealers/Retail Operators, and Sales Management the personal opportunity to speak one-on-one or as a group with its world renowned founder and CEO, Mark A. Walsh.

    141 Tele-Coaching® allows your Sales Management Team one-on-one or group support is ideal for:
  • Strategic planning
  • Quarterly, monthly, weekly, jump-start meetings
  • Recruiting, hiring, and employee retention
  • Tools for holding staff accountable
  • Creating more effective pay plans, bonuses and incentives
  • Effective advertising strategy
  • Creating a dynamic vision
  • Plus many more issues faced in today's Retail Automotive Marketplace

141 Tele-Coaching® is by appointment only and on a first come first serve basis. Contact us now to schedule your one-on-one or group session with Mark A. Walsh.

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The Mark Walsh Personnel Performance Predictor

"Hire the best and forget the rest!"

Knowing what you know now about the employees on your payroll would you re-hire them again if they applied today? What if you knew those things before you hired, before investing thousands of dollars on lost customers, training and wasted time?

    The Mark Walsh Personnel Performance Predictor Advantages:
  • Measure up to twenty-four (24) behavioral characteristics relevant to success within a Retail Automotive Dealership.
  • Evaluate talent with a simple, easy and basic online assessment.
  • The Mark Walsh Personnel Performance Predictors have been developed in conjunction with over 39 years of leading research institute data.
  • Online assessments allow instant access so you can hire with confidence.
  • Personnel Predictor designed for use in every department of the Retail Automotive Arena.
  • Protect your pocket book by identifying potential "oxygen thief's" before you hire!
  • Appraise current employees performance during quarterly and annual reviews.

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