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15 Reasons for Assessing During the Hiring Process

  1. 90% of all resumes are misrepresented (U.S. Department of Labor).

  2. Former employers generally reveal nothing of consequence.

  3. Eliminates unrealistic opinionated attitudes prevalent in some new hires by pointing out their growth areas before being offered the position.

  4. "Properly validated and standardized employee selection procedures can significantly contribute to the implementation of nondiscriminatory personnel policies.

  5. The financial burden of making an incorrect hiring decision imposes unnecessary financial penalties on your business.

  6. 50% of all companies who are downsized sue for wrongful termination (Robert Half International).

  7. The burden of responsibility rests on the employer to know whether the individual is suited for the job.

  8. Assessment is the only objective aspect of the hiring process and balances natural interview bias during the hiring process.

  9. Provides a valid and measurable method for comparing required job behavior to the candidates predicted behavior.

  10. Personality is part nature/part nurture in origin. Attempting to reshape an unsuitable individual is unrealistic, costly and frustrating.

  11. Greatest predictor of success is character, not aptitude, attitude, or education.

  12. Inexact hiring creates excessive turnover-lowering morale.

  13. Provides instant feedback on probable behavior. Managers don't have to wait for the initial "honeymoon" period of good behavior to wear off.

  14. Saves time, money and resources in attempting to "rewire" unsuitable people.

  15. It is simply a management myth to believe every candidate has unlimited potential. Remember, you're never going to win the Kentucky Derby on "Tony the Pony."

Call Now to schedule an obligation free test drive today. International inquiries dial +61 2 97007 141, All USA Inquiries Call 1 866 MARK 141

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Mark Walsh Personnel Performance Predictor Includes:

  • Specifically customised for the international Retail Automotive Industry

  • Your highly confidential password protected account is available to you anywhere, anytime via any Internet connection

  • Measures 24 personality traits in four major groupings
  • Interpersonal - how one functions with people
  • Organizational - how one handles tasks and responsibilities
  • Dedication - the commitment traits
  • Self-control - confidence, emotional maturity, stress management, adversity-tolerance
  • Immediate results

  • No software to purchase or to download

  • No renewal fee

  • No usage expiration dates

  • Exceptionally useful for existing personnel
  • Flush out hidden problems before they become serious
  • Succession Planning - Identify future leaders through the use of color position overlays
  • Identify your "externally motivated" people (who could stop producing at any moment!)

  • Based on nearly 40 years of statistical analysis performed by Leading Research Institute data

  • Detect "deal-killer" personality traits before making a hiring decision

  • Training and development
  • Expert support and advice available 24/7

  • Four Reports
  • Participant
  • Manager
  • Executive
  • Group

  • Management Applications
  • Provides invaluable insights to your management team
  • Resolve conflicts quickly

  • Mega dealers can segment each franchise to protect confidentiality

Call Now to schedule an obligation free test drive today. International inquiries dial +61 2 97007 141, All USA Inquiries Call 1 866 MARK 141

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