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"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. On 14th an15th November I attended your Sales Manager Master class in Stratford upon Avon, I can only describe what I experienced as outstanding not to mention inspiring.

Your pride and passion clearly stands out and I love the simplicity you use to drive the message home. I can honestly say I left on Wednesday looking forward to my 3 hour drive home as I couldn't wait to share the tools and start on my action plan to put right the wrongs in our work place. Let me put it another way, I probably have the worse reputation for attention in classroom situations and can honestly say in those two days; I forgot I was wearing a watch never mind check the time.

Quite often I feel people around me, drain me of my energy on a daily basis and In turn I have no way of recharging myself. Mark you brought the electricity and spark back over those two days. I never felt so good.

As an industry we always try to do extraordinary things to try and make the difference between us and our competitors, you helped me realise the importance of doing the basics extraordinary well, which in turn will deliver the highest of performance and the outstanding service to our customers.

We actually use the sales process daily within our sales team, which again you gave me the reassurance that the process we use is the right way to do things, now I can set about creating the Performance, Responsible and Accountable environment that we need using M.A.P

I also have sent all of the sales consultants that work with me on your seminars whilst you have been here in the UK, each one came back with the same energy and enthusiasm I did.

I would even go as far as saying, this is the first time I have actually thought about the idea of paying out of my own personal pocket for courses and material to enhance my skills and ability.

Mark, please accept my genuine, personal and greatest thanks."

Mike Cosgriff
General Sales Manager
Grasmere Macclesfeild GM
Cheshire, England