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"After more than two years as business partners I am so impressed with your services that I felt compelled to tell the world just how good Mark Walsh International is. Congratulations on your success & for investing so heavily in International participation & education for the benefit of Australian Dealers like me. Your efforts ensure we have the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest from around the globe giving your Dealers a unique competitive advantage.

Your training with us has enabled my staff and I to reach untold heights over the past years. We had already wrestled the number 1 Dealer title back from our competitors when we commenced our programme with you. Many asked me why I wanted to start formal coaching at that point when we had reached the "top", in their opinion. My answer was simple. When I have only got myself to compete against complacency will reign supreme and it was my job to ensure that didn't happen. We all know good habits are developed in tough times and bad habits are developed in good times.

My instincts to partner with you didn't fail me. You came in and helped me ensure that we remained number 1 first & foremost. But, you then took our collective thinking to a whole new stratosphere. You made me ask myself a couple of very important questions. "How good can we actually be if we ignore comparing ourselves to standards already below our own"? "What can we really achieve if we all work towards a professional, structured, faultless process now known as the West End Mazda guest experience"? I'm sure glad you asked me that question Mark. Allow me to recap our joint success if you would;

  • 2013 Australian Mazda dealer all time new sales record 3501
  • 2014 Australian Mazda dealer all time new sales record 4014
  • January 2014 Australian Mazda Dealer single month new vehicle sales record 501
  • September 2104 Australian Mazda Dealer single month new vehicle sales record 505
  • January 2015 Australian Mazda Dealer single month new vehicle sales record 601
  • Increased our annual sales gap to 2nd nationally from 15 units in 2013 to 514 in 2014
  • Awarded our 16th Mazda Master Dealer in 2014 being the only Sydney Metro dealer to do so
  • Increased our sales year on year by 15% vs a Mazda market that declined 2.3%

Mark, I recently celebrated my 20th anniversary with Mazda and in that time I've worked in many positions from detailing, used sales, new sales, fleet, finance, management and senior management. Due to my progressive career I've also had reason to meet and deal with many industry trainers and coaches. None had truly deserved to fit that description until I met you in NADA all those years ago. You are without peer in this country and that's a fact. I feel for you in some ways because good competition is a great motivator to continued improvement. Luckily for us you don't need that to motivate you.

Your skills are sound because you have done it, can still do it and can demonstrate it anywhere anytime in any brand. Your quick wit & humorous word poetry you exhibit in our coaching sessions always holds the room on a knifes edge. Your knowledge is a collection of the best this industry has to offer worldwide yet your unique skill is your interpretation and communications skills when translating those ideas back to your disciples. You have introduced us to the latest sales technology in the world which is truly a gift.

Being the first Australian Mazda dealer to have "the Next Up" was a game changer for our company without question. This floor management system alone has enabled us to manage this business in a way I never dreamed was possible. It gave me clarity, truth, accountability, and an insight into the time management habits of my sales teams which I'd never dreamed would be possible.

We enjoyed a 44% close down rate on all walk-in traffic for January 2015 with a test drive rate of 71% and management introductions of over 95%. Combine this with our BDC you introduced to us who assisted sales with a 23% close down rate on ALL internet leads in January and I think we are starting to see why we are so impressed with you and your coaching to date. These numbers are industry best practice and I have you to thank for asking me to aspire to such a high level. I attach a summary of our January 2015 Next Up report to this testimonial to substantiate my claims for any Dealer reading this who still has any doubts about investing their training budget with you and your company.

On a personal level I find you a very sincere person with a deep sense of pride combined with a touch of humility all drawn from your humble roots in country Australia. Like many success stories your life could have easily been one full of excuses and broken promises. Instead you saw that as your advantage and your morality is still driven deeply by your humble beginnings. For me personally I greatly admire you as an Australian and as an Automotive Professional. You are the only Australian to ever be invited to speak at NADA to date and multiple times to boot.

Mark Walsh International is the benchmark standard that all industry competitors should aspire to. You are as good as it gets for me and our business. West End Mazda would gladly endorse you and your team to any dealer, anywhere in the world. It's been a privilege partnering with you to date and it will be a privilege to continue with you in the coming years.

Jamie McKnight, Group General Manager
West End Mazda
North Parramatta, Australia